Helping families improve their lifestyle through knowledge and great products

Helping families improve their lifestyle through knowledge and great products

How To Remove Limescale

I live in an area that has a lot of hard water and gives us horrible limescale stains and it is very difficult to remove. I have found that these tricks worked for me and will help you remove Limescale from different areas of your house.


The secret tool I use to get rid of all the Limescale is vinegar. Vinegar helps loosen the Limescale and makes it easier to wipe or scrub the remaining scale off


Below are some of the areas I usually have to clean and how I go about cleaning them.

1) Toilet Tank

I like to add 1 cup of vinegar in the tank for 10 minutes to help kill anything that has been growing in the tank. 

Killing the bugs in the tank will help the toilet stay fresher in between cleanings.

2) Toilet Scale

We have a toilet that we do not use very often and because of this we get a scale ring in that is hard to remove. 


To get rid of the scale from this ring we take toilet paper and place it on the scale. After you place the toilet paper you will need to spray 100% vinegar solution on to the toilet paper and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.


Flush the toilet and scrub the effected area, the limescale will be removed or reduced. Repeat if required till all the scale is gone.

3) Sinks & Faucets

faucet scale

You can use the exact same method as cleaning the scale off of the toilet bowls. Instead of toilet paper I use paper towels in this area so I can throw them away after we are done using them. 


Place the paper towels on the limescale and let the vinegar soak in and penetrate the scale and break it down so it is easier to clean.

4) Kettle

It is so annoying to pour a cup of hot water over your tea bag and see the scale come out of the kettle, it ruins my day when this happens. 


We place a cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water and let the kettle boil and the steam. Pour out the solution and rinse the kettle to remove all loose scale and get rid of most of the vinegar. Fill the kettle with water and boil again to get rid of any remaining vinegar.


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