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Helping families improve their lifestyle through knowledge and great products

My Favorite Things To Do At Epcot

When visiting Disney World, we like to visit Epcot to see some of our favorite rides and attractions. Below are some of our most favorites things to do at Epcot but, there is so much more that I have not listed.   

1) Frozen Ever After

This ride is located in the Norway Pavilion and use to be named Maelstrom before the Frozen renovation. The Frozen renovation added some of our favorite characters to the rides and some great scenes from the movie that are exciting and will make you start to sing out loud. The ride has brought the movie to life and does a great job of adding some Disney magic to a great story and adventure.



You will laugh when you see Olaf having fun in the snow and playing with his friends. See if you can find all the areas that Olaf is having fun and see if you can spot some more different characters when you go through this winter wonderland.

2) Soarin’ Around the World

I still remember the first time I rode Soarin’ and the feelings I had during the ride and after we were done. It takes amusement rides to the next level with the wind in your hair and the different scents you will smell as you fly over some of the great places around the world.



Soarin’ takes you to some of the breathtaking wonders of the world during your flight and will take your breathe away as you glide through the air. If you have the opportunity to ride it twice (if the line is short), I would highly recommend it. The seats are very comfortable and make sure you get help from one of the cast members if you cannot buckle your chair properly.

3) Test Track

Epcot Test Track

One of the fastest rides at Disney World, Test Track takes you through the world of Engineering of a car and seeing the results as you test your car through the test track. I remember going through the que and seeing some of the different technologies that have been developed to make our everyday cars safer and more efficient.



The ride starts off with you and your family designing your car on a touch screen monitor changing the following characteristics of your car before you get to test it on the track;


  1. Power
  2. Acceleration
  3. Efficiency
  4. Responsiveness


After you are done your design you will be loaded into your new design and will test your car under many different conditions (just like all the different car companies). Make sure you take off your hat and glasses before the ride so they do not fall off when you go through the speed area of the track.

4) The Sea with Nemo & Friends Attraction

I remember when I heard that Disney was making this ride and how excited I was to ride it. If you have never ridden this ride, you will really enjoy it. As soon as you enter the building that holds the Nemo ride, you will see the great work that the Disney Imagineers did making the line que and the ride itself. Do yourself a favor when you go through the que and look at some of the details that were added throughout the que.



Once you step into the clam shell that will bring you into Nemo’s world, you will be searching for Nemo and his friends. Have fun spotting all Nemo’s friends and all the fish at the end of the ride. What a lot of people do is skip the aquarium that is in the building and they are missing some great sights and photo opportunities.

5) Gran Fiesta Tour Staring “The Three Caballeros”

This great ride is inspired by the 1944 Disney film “The Three Caballeros”. During this nice calm boat ride through the Mexico Pavilion you will see some of the great things Mexico has to offer and is a perfect ride for adults and children. You start your ride going through a small town in Mexico where you can see the San Angel Inn Restaurante patio and some of the ancient ruins that are both set to a wonderful night setting.



After the night setting, you will be transported to Donald’s great adventure through some of the great cities of Mexico. Keep your eyes open and see if you can find all the areas where Donald and his friends will pop up during this ride!

6) Living with the Land

Living the Land is found in the Future World area in Epcot (same building as Soarin’). This boat ride will bring you through many different areas highlighting the history of farming all over the world. We enjoy taking this ride to see all the food that Disney makes on site for Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Harvest Feast. We usually take the ride first before we eat at the restaurant, this is always a must do for our family.



Sometimes after the ride at the exit near the washrooms, you will find one of the cast members with a vegetable or fruit that was grown in the farming area and will tell you all about how they grew it and where it came from.

7) Spaceship Earth

This ride is literally in the Epcot ball and is a must do when you go to Epcot for the very first time. This ride is usually the last ride of the day for us because it is a great ride to sitback and relax and watch what some of the great Disney Imagineers have created. This ride brings you through many different years and shows you how man has evolved and used technology to help the world become a better place.



You will sit in a car that holds 2 and will be asked to answer some questions about the future and where you see yourself in the future. Its cute, you can be silly with it and see the end results at the end of the ride. The ride itself has a lot of animatronics that show you the history of innovation. After the ride is done you will go to a play area where you can play some fun interactive games that your little ones will enjoy.

Great Places To Eat At Epcot

1) Chip ‘n’ Dale Harvest Feast at Garden Grill Restaurant

As I said in the above Living the Land, this is one of our favorite places to eat when we go to Epcot. The restaurant rotates through different scenes from the Living the Land Ride (that is why we always ride this ride first so you can see the different areas before you sit-down and eat). The rotation is so slow that you hardly fell it so do not worry about getting sick.



You will sit-down with your family and have smorgasbord of savory, allergy-friendly starters and entrees. We have allergies in our family and they accommodated every one, including a dairy, gluten and tree-nut allergy. You will not leave this restraint hungry that is for sure. Take a look at the menu with your family and make sure you try the mac and cheese.

2) San Angel Inn Restauraunte

I believe San Angel Inn Restaurante is the prettiest restaurant in Epcot. You first walk through the market square where you will find the most colourful souvenirs at Disney. This area is like a scene right out of the movie Coco.



If you are lucky enough and try to call ahead when you book your reservations you can ask for a seat near the water so you can watch all the boats go by on Donald’s ride. The food at the restaurant is great, they have a great selection of Mexican favorites that your whole family will enjoy. I always for the Tacos and the Chocoflan to finish off the dinner.

3) Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

We have so many awesome memories from this Character Dining Experience. If you have anyone in your family that loves princesses, you must eat here!


You start by checking in and when your table is ready, they will call your family in to meet a princess and get your photo taken (you will get a copy of the photo at the end of the meal). Every time we have gone to this restaurant, we have taken pictures with Belle. After you are seated you will be asked to help yourself to a traditional Norwegian buffet where you will find salmon, deli meats, veggies and other items to taste. You will also have your choice of a served entrée and desert.


While you are eating you will have multiple princesses coming to your table to say hello to all of your family and take pictures, so make sure your camera is always out when you are eating. Your princes and princesses will also join all the Disney Princesses in a parade through the restaurant, if your little one is lucky enough, they might actually get to hold a princess’s hand during the parade.


I cannot say enough nice things about some of the great attractions at Epcot, we have a wonderful time every time we go. This slower pace land is a great place to walk around and enjoy the food and drinks from so many different countries. There are a lot of things that I did not add to this list that are fun things to do as well, let us know what you think are some of the great areas at Epcot and Disney


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