Helping families improve their lifestyle through knowledge and great products

Helping families improve their lifestyle through knowledge and great products

Uses for Vinegar Around the House

Vinegar has been used for years as a cleaning agent around the house and different industrial applications. Most of these applications have been passed down for m generation to generation. Let me tell you about some of the great ways I use vinegar around the house.

1) Cleaning Floors

I like to use a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar to clean our floors with our fabric wet mop. We spray the solution on the wet mop so it is damp when we clean the laminate or wood floors. I do not like applying the vinegar directly to the floor in case I put to much in one area. On Ceramic tiles I spray the solution directly on to the tiles and scrub away.


For really dirty floors or if you want to give your tiles a great scrub, buy a nylon brush from the dollar store and scrub the tiles and grout with this brush. Any dried-up food will come off with a good soak and with a little scrub.

2) Counter Tops

When we are done cooking for the night and have done all the dishes, we use vinegar to clean our counter tops. We use the 50% water and 50% vinegar solution to spray on our laminate countertops to help get off and food that fell off of plates or cutting boards. To wipe down the counters we use paper towels and the vinegar solution and it cleans very well with no streaks seen after it has been cleaned.


We also use this solution on the placemats we eat off on our kitchen table (Note: Please makes sure your placemats can be cleaned with vinegar before you attempt this, you do not want to ruin your beautiful place mats). After the placemats are cleaned, we remove them from the table and clean the table with the solution to get and food that was spilled during our meal.  

3) Microwave

It is hard to keep the microwave clean sometimes when you are heating up your favorite spaghetti, even with a microwave cover!


I like to spray the microwave with the vinegar solution and let it sit for about a minute. After the solution has sat for a while, I come back with a paper towel and scrub the food off and it comes off quite nicely. If you can not get the food off the first time just repeat the steps above again and this will help break down the food off the walls or the plate in the microwave.


Some people like to put the vinegar solution in a bowl and microwave it so the steam loosens off any of the food, I have not tried this method so I cannot say if it works.

4) Calcium Removal

Where I live, we have a lot of minerals in the water and makes our water hard. After a while you can see that the faucets around the house get white spots on them and the porcelain starts to have the same white film. We have tried many different chemicals to clean the scale off the faucets and the sink with no luck but the vinegar solution works great.


We take a paper towel and place it on the areas we would like to clean the scale off of, then spray 100% vinegar on to the paper towels and let it sit for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes you will need to re move the paper towels and scrub the area with a brush with soft nylon bristles so you do not scratch the chrome off your faucet. When you clean the sink, I use a dish sponge and wipes most of the scale off.


If you have scale that has been on the affected areas for years you will have to let the vinegar sit for a while longer and might need to be more aggressive with the scrubbing.  (NOTE: Always make sure the tools that you are using will not damage any of the surfaces you are cleaning).

5) Showers

Showers have to be my least favorite area however with the vinegar solution it helps this dreadful task a little easier. The glass on the shower door can be sprayed with 100% vinegar and will help the scale and grime loosen off to make it easier to clean. Once the glass is cleaned you can do this weekly to help reduce the amount of scale on the glass door.



With the hard water in our area, it causes the showerhead to clog and reduces the pressure and has the nozzle not work well. 

Conclusion - Uses for Vinegar Around the House

I hope that you all will start using vinegar as a safe alternative to chemical cleaners around the house. This will also help also help the environment get rid of harmful chemicals being poured down the drain.


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